Friday Letters 03.04.2020

Hello Everyone! We’ve almost reached the end of another week and I thank you so much for all your beautiful comments and pictures. I’ve been blown away by the responses I have received, not only from our lovely community of writers from St Nicks / Converge partnership, but also from long lost friends who have seen my blog on facebook and got in touch with letters and pictures of their own green spaces.

This week I want to feature an absolutely beautiful piece of writing sent to me by ‘K’ from my current class at St Nicks who wrote:

Standing proud amid the bigger saplings your corkscrew curls and beautiful bends caught my eye. I knew at once you were the tree for me.  I brought you home, knowing if I nurtured you now, we could, and probably would, become lifelong friends. Sharing the space together we would both grow, our roots and branches forever entwined. You would see me everyday, observe my comings and goings, whilst I would see you slowly growing to fill a space not only in my garden, but more importantly in my life. I would keep you watered and in return you would keep me connected. I would ensure you kept your shape and in return you would cast shade. Together, we would symbiotically care for the health of each other. I bought you and now I own you, I planted you and nurtured you, but now I am not so sure, are you really mine? or am I instead forever in your debt, my little twisted willow tree.  ‘K’

Such beautiful words and also a reminder of how interactions with nature can keep us grounded and focused in our complicated daily lives.

I also received this gorgeous picture from the ‘Day’ family garden. They set up under this beautiful magnolia tree to have a go at the Connect to Nature creative writing tasks as a family.

My lovely OT student Nicki who has remained on placement with the Converge Team, despite the current crisis, wrote to send me photo’s of the horses at the back of her house. These brought back memories of my own childhood playing on a friend’s farm and the soft velvet snuffles of a horse’s nose.

I’ve also received quite a few poems, thank you folks! I’ve decided to put a Poetry Post up every Monday as a result – so check the blog on Monday for the first one! For those of you who have enjoyed my Connect to Nature Art Class at St Nicks I will be uploading a ‘Weekend Nature Journal’ post every Saturday with ideas and inspiration for an art activity linked to the natural world.

Keep safe and keep in touch!
With Best Wishes,

Cover picture kindly sent to me by Joan Taylor (thanks Mum 🙂 )

Friday Letters…Connect to Nature, Letters from the Allotment..

  1. Ooooo – I haven’t got the ones you mention, I will look into them. I’m slowly growing my own nature…

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