Friday Letters!


Hello! I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful weather this week. I’ve certainly noticed a lot of blossom when out on my daily walk which looks amazing against the blue skies.

I’m absolutely thrilled that people are enjoying the online class. I thought I would start this Friday letters with some writing from Caroline to get you smiling. Caroline sent me her answers to the ’10 Ways to Camouflage yourself task’ which if you missed you can find here. These definitely had the intended effect and got me giggling!

10 ways to camouflage yourself:

1 Use Harry Potters invisibility cloak
2 Use an Easter Bunny costume
3 Dress in green and sit, using lots of branches around you, so you look like a bush
4 get a large pointy nose, large black pointy hat. Large black cloak. Borrows someone s black cat, cauldron and witches broom
5 Acquire some straw. Dress up in tatty clothes. Use straw to put up legs and sleeves, neck making sure to leave some poking out. Wear a hat abut straw under again straw poking out as hair. Black out a few teeth. Stand very stiffly ideally attached to a large wooden cross.
6 Stay under the bedcovers, people will think it is just a big duvet.
7 Dye hair purple, wear large oversized raincoat with hood, wear odd flat shoes, bend forward and walk very slowly , muttering in a very gruff voice!
8 Buy an inflatable slide, inflate, stand inside 
9 Stand very very still, close your eyes. If you can’t see anyone, neither can they see you!
10 Dress up as a clown, big shoes and bow tie a must, and a white face, big red nose- you won’t be hidden but just think of the fun you can have with a bucket of water and ear piercing horn!

I was also thrilled to receive this gorgeous collage of flowers from Meg’s garden. It’s so nice to see all the bulbs coming up and the promise of warmer weather and full colour in our green spaces once again.

Meg also sent these pictures of beetles and aphids that she found in her garden following on from the camouflage session:

Chad sent me a fantastic piece of writing – responding to the recent online class which had the theme of ‘All Things Twiggy‘ if you click on the title you can re-visit that session if you missed it. Chad wrote about a memory of a favourite tree:

‘The grandest tree that I can remember from my lost childhood stands dramatically in a snicket near to my Mothers old house in Heworth. It defines time and stands there in all its glory. 

I was always scared to climb it because there was a metal fence around the bottom of the tree, which could impale any unexpecting climber if they fell. 

The tree its self is a conker tree and we used to throw sticks up and get conkers out of the branches, it stands as a reminder of what I once was – enjoying life to the full.’ Chad.

Anyone else remember getting to dizzy heights climbing trees? I remember a row of silver birch on the street I lived on up until being six. When I went back to the house as a grown up some years later I remember thinking how tiny the trees seemed compared to my childhood memories.

Keep sending me your lovely words!

Thinking of everyone who attends my local class and looking forward to writing at St Nicks again as soon as we can. I also want to send a big shout out to people who have discovered this blog online – I hope that you are enjoying the content – and look forward to receiving letters from further afield too. It would be lovely to connect writing classes up across the country one day!

With best wishes,


  1. Ooooo – I haven’t got the ones you mention, I will look into them. I’m slowly growing my own nature…

  2. I love your book selection. The Way Marking book is one I look at often and have given to friends…

  3. A lovely poem. I needed to be lifted to the air thank you. Even though this poem is called ‘Descent…

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