Monday’s Poem


A letter from my Garden

By Nicki Joyce

Before you moved in my world was dark and gloomy. 
No sounds of laughter. 
No vibrant colours. 
No pitter patter of tiny animal feet
pottering along the freshly mown grass.
Before you moved in, 
I was unloved. 
Cast away, neglected, forgotten. 
Fleeting looks glanced my way and then immediately back, 
by the villagers who walked past me daily 
and tutted at how unkempt I looked. 
My soul, filled with sorrow at seeing their faces, 
I felt their shudders as they walked by. 
How I longed to be loved.
Then you moved in,
and I heard you laugh,
and I felt a sense of belonging. 
I knew you were home. 
As the damp, and the weeds and the stones were removed,
the sunlight began to flood within me.
I could breathe for the first time in years.
I began sprouting new life, new buds, new seedlings. 
The insects returned, 
the birds too,
an endless view of new beginnings and opportunities.
I am reborn,
In the hands of someone who loves me.
I thrive.
Laughter of children saturates the air
And birdsong fills my ears
I am grateful.
I am blooming.

This lovely poem was sent in by my fantastic occupational therapy student Nicki, who is currently on placement with Converge. (Thank you Nicki!)

Nicki wrote:

My house was abandoned for 10 years before we moved in.

The garden had been separated into two parts; one completely unused and filled in with tonnes and tonnes of gravel. It was overrun with weeds and damp moss. The second part was used as a driveway; part gravel, part grass.

We are in the process of restoring the garden to the quintessential English garden we have heard it once was. There is still much to be done, but it is a lifelong project for us. 

I hope you enjoyed this lovely gift of a poem. I am imagining how this beautiful space may transform over the years and wish Nicki and her family many happy days enjoying this amazing space.

See you on Wednesday for the Connect to Nature Creative Writing Class. This week’s creative writing theme is going to be cloud watching! Something we can all enjoy by simply looking out of a window or stepping out of doors….see you then!

Best wishes,


  1. Ooooo – I haven’t got the ones you mention, I will look into them. I’m slowly growing my own nature…

Published by Emma

Hi my name is Emma! I am a writer and artist. I work for the NHS at Converge ( and I am also an MA graduate in Creative writing and am currently studying for a PhD in Humanities. I have been leading a creative writing class at the beautiful St Nicks in York ( for the last five years. When I am not at work I'm on my allotment or at Base Camp (my home) planning new adventures.

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Poem

  1. Great Poem it’s lifted my spirits as I sit at my desk working early this morning. We had are small back garden re-done with lovely planters but I work so much that I’ve never completely managed to fill them with lovely plants. Until lockdown! Every cloud has a silver lining

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    1. Lovely comment received from Meg who wrote about today’s Poem: I loved the poem, photos & story behind them. Three years ago my partner & I moved to a house with a garden that had never been cared for since it was built in the 1960’s. Now there is something new every day. A robin on the feeder today.


  2. Maybe reads a bit funny Monday poem by Emma – obviously we know it’s Nickis poem. Why not write On ‘Collated by Emma’ or something similar – just a thought. I’m off to do the allotment here now. I’m hoping there will be time for a bit of cloud watching. I think if you want to say to Nikki every time she garden, does the house, maybe general work it makes such a difference when we omit the word garden ‘work’ to love. Makes for a much better experience… Mice in the post…love Woo



    1. Hi Eloise, it’s the way that the WordPress blog formats the posting – I will see if I can amend. I like the idea of spending time in the garden with love. Speak soon! X


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