Friday’s Letters

A Real Treat!


Hello! Welcome back to another week of Friday Letters. This week I was in for a real treat…

An actual letter arrived through my door! A physical envelope of loveliness!!!! It’s funny, I used to write letters all the time, I have a box full of them from my student days. Although we have instant access to communication now, there is nothing quite like a real, physical letter; something that you can carry with you for the day and re-visit, like the person is with you in your pocket for just when you need them.

This letter was from an old friend from school. It was so lovely to receive and brought me much joy. In fact it’s been all around York with me today in tucked safely inside my bag.

My second treat was a distanced contact with Meg who showed me this beautiful book through the window:

Meg and I share many interests in art and writing. This book is so much of a visual treat that we decided to nickname it a ‘visual pudding’!! (There’s some good Yorkshire to that phrase!) Even if you aren’t an artist this book is so beautifully illustrated it’s worth having just to drool over.

My third treat was in relation to this week’s Connect to Nature Writing Class – entitled Tell it to the Bees. My brilliant staff member Lee sent in his writing on completion of the tasks. These were my favourites:

Task 1: A charm to welcome the bees:

Summer welcomes you the Honeybee
Sunshine fragrance humming flowers
Open up for you nectar blossom budding.

I loved the alliteration of the fragrant flowers and blossom budding, such lovely imagery.

For the fourth task Lee wrote about telling the bees a secret:

Task 4: I treat my bees as a extended part of my family. I always tell them all my news and what has been happening. The highs and lows the joys and sorrows. I also share my secrets with them, you may wonder what they are and could ask my bees, but they will never tell!

This made me smile, I’ve told quite a few secrets to the bees too this week!

My fourth treat, was the arrival of clouds! Do you remember a couple of weeks ago the class on skylines? Well, this guaranteed not a cloud in the sky and clear blue for the entire week! Since then there have been some really dramatic skies – here are some pictures I took on recent walks.

Thank you to everyone that has been in touch this week to tell me that they are enjoying the blog. I have a lovely theme planned for next week all about the magical Hawthorn Tree to welcome the lovely month of May with the May Blossom.

See you tomorrow for an Art Challenge – it’s all about beautiful Buzzy Bees – following on from this weeks Connect to Nature Writing class.

Take care!
Best wishes,


  1. Ooooo – I haven’t got the ones you mention, I will look into them. I’m slowly growing my own nature…

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