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Roses and Bumblebees!!

Welcome back to another Friday post, and also a big welcome to anyone new to this site! I seem to have had a flurry of new visitors, I hope that you are enjoying the classes and words that have been posted. Friday is the day when I post up readers words and pictures, please do send me anything that you would like to be featured on the blog, it’s lovely to hear how people have responded and also to connect others through nature 🙂

This week I have noticed lot’s of roses when I have been out and about walking. The colours and scents are so beautiful. They timed nicely with an email I received from Phil who runs our Discover Nature Class (For anyone not in York – Phil is our fabulous wildlife education tutor – you can check out his You Tube channel here for his lock down guides to Discovering Nature.) Phil had spent some time completing the creative writing tasks that on Bees in the session I posted up entitled ‘Tell it to the Bees’ which seemed a nice combination with these lovely roses.

I also made a socially distant visit to Meg, who showed me this absolutely stunning rose named the ‘Scarborough Rose’ which she has growing in her front garden. I love how delicate this rose is, it’s going to look even more amazing in years to come when it has grown even bigger.

Here are some lovely words from Phil in response to the bee themed session tasks.

The first task in the session Tell it to the Bees was to write a charm for the bees welcoming them to summer:

A Charm for the Bees

Pollen-heavy bees are welcome,

To and fro in a haze of flowers,

Like the clockwork passing of spring to summer.

The second task was to describe which type of Bee you would be! Being an expert on the natural world Phil has done a brilliant job with this task and chose a leaf cutter bee for his theme:

If I were a bee…

If I were a bee,

I would be a solitary bee,

And of those bees, I would be a leafcutter bee,

I would be alone, keeping to myself,

I would spend my bee days working on a special bee project,

You would see signs of my being:

Neat circles cut from leaves by tiny bee jaws,

I would fly these green quilts back to my bee nest,

I would craft their shape into rooms for my bee sons and daughters,

Laying a single egg in each one, stocked with pollen, this is where they belong,

Cocooned in a leaf house that tells of a leaf bee story:

Of visiting roses, be they red, yellow or white,

Of leaf cutting and sticking and knitting a leaf bee home,

My larvae will grow, be strong, and emerge next spring,

But I am a solitary bee,

And I will be gone.

The final task in the class was inspired by the tradition of telling Bees your secrets! I asked my readers to write a secret down to tell to the bees.

A Secret to Tell the Bees

Little fluffy buzzing one, while you sip nectar, let me tell you a secret, before I convince myself it is a lie…

My secret burns bright, like your tail in the evening sun, but could so easily be lost in the darkness that is my faithful companion…

It is a precious secret, not for prying eyes, I have kept it swaddled deep inside, like your sleeping sister-larvae, pale and helpless in the nest…

I am scared that if I say my secret aloud, it will break the illusion, like the curtain drawn back in Oz, and I will be left with nothing…

Listen little fluffy buzzing one, my secret is this: 

Despite my pummelling heart, dry lips, clogged throat,

The slither-cringe shoulders and screaming at night,

The guilt-tingle and slime dripping down my bones,

I feel… I know… that there is hope.

I think you will agree with me that we are all experiencing varying levels of anxiety at the moment. It helps to know that other’s feel the same and also to use nature to hold on to hope. I have found a lot of solace and interest in the natural world since being a child. The fabulous thing about the natural world is that the more you start to look, the more you start to see and the more fascinating it all becomes!

I often get people returning to my classes after going out walking with friends reporting that it just wasn’t the same, their friends didn’t take the time to look at nature and observe the magic happening all around them. Watch out! Once you start you can’t stop!

Take care, see you tomorrow for a Saturday Art Challenge! I have a little fun task to do with drawing from shadows! Have a good weekend everyone.

Best wishes,

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Hi my name is Emma! I am a writer and artist. I work for the NHS at Converge ( and I am also an MA graduate in Creative writing and am currently studying for a PhD in Humanities. I have been leading a creative writing class at the beautiful St Nicks in York ( for the last five years. When I am not at work I'm on my allotment or at Base Camp (my home) planning new adventures.

One thought on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Thank you for sharing these poems all. I am a volunteer to a charity Rose garden (council land on sheltered housing) of over 300 roses set up by George now age 80. The guys who help me have been isolating so it’s just been me. I’ve always known about the Rose garden and started helping properly last summer. I was actually experiencing a slightly altered state of mind as I am diagnosed bipolar. I found the scent of the roses calming, the garden was somewhere safe to go and I could move like a busy bee from plant to plant without making a mess like I might otherwise in the house. It took me a while to regain my sleep and have helped every week as since. It has been lovely to see the flowers return in the last few weeks. Yesterday George asked me to pick some for my wedding anniversary and I made a bouquet from my garden. So from Cornwall to York. Rose thoughts.

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