Monday’s Poem


Hello Everyone….

Today it’s more Monday’s Prose – than poem! I was up in my attic digging out the fan to cool the house down last week when I came across a vintage copy of ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ by Thomas Hardy.

I was blown away by the opening paragraph which I thought would be nice to share here:

‘To dwellers in a wood, almost every species of tree has its voice as well as its feature.

At the passing of a breeze, the fir trees sob and moan, no less distinctly than they rock. The holly whistles as it battles with itself; the ash hisses amid its quivering; the beech, rustles while its flat boughs rise and fall.’

Taken from Under The Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy
Trees in my local park this weekend

I thought that this paragraph was beautiful. It was written at a time when there were no electric street lamps or car headlights. A world closer to nature, in which people would have had a much closer relationship with the natural world around them. It makes me determined to re-connect as far as possible, to know the landscape and the trees intimately. To know from a sound the species of bird or tree, to be aware and to listen. To be in tune with nature and observant of all around me.

The paragraph was written to open a scene in which a group of men are coming together at night time to rehearse singing carols, finding their way by familiar sounds and under moonlight. Despite this being a winter scene in the novel, thinking about the natural world at night made me long for camping trips and nights under the stars. For now I will make do with my little backyard and fairy lights. I have lavender and sweet peas growing in ceramic pots which give off a wonderful scent, I look forward to more summer evenings when I can enjoy my little outdoor space in the warm air.

I hope you enjoyed Thomas Hardy’s words. I will leave this week’s Connect to Nature Class as a surprise, I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve – but I haven’t decided on which one I will choose yet!

Do send me your poems to include here! Happy Writing!

Take care,

Best wishes,

Lime Tree Blossom

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