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Caught on a breeze….

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a new week of creative writing. This week we set off with a beautiful poem entitled ‘Descent to Earth’ sent in by Jane. Jane had captured the movement of a feather gently drifting earthwards, if you missed it the Monday’s Poem link is at the bottom of the page, or just click on the picture.

Photo courtesy of pixabay

This tied in really nicely with a theme I have been considering, the movement of air and the way that nature interacts with the breezes and gusts that so often sweep our landscape. I am also interested in creatures that can fly and how swiftly and easily they do so. I’ll get started with a really fun task which involved trying to film sycamore seeds falling in slow motion! (If you haven’t tried trying to capture a sycamore seed on film I would urge you to give it a go, we had a happy hour in the park doing this!!) Here is my effort:

So, Task 1: (5 mins) Write ten words that describe the descent of a sycamore seed spiralling towards the ground!

Task 2: (5 mins) The Sound of Silence: This week I have spotted tortoiseshell and comma butterflies in Danesmead Wood in York. They were really beautiful to watch silently flitting between thistle flowers. Imagine that you suddenly developed an extra sense to your hearing. You can suddenly hear hidden sounds, including the noise of a butterfly as it flies. What does it sound like? Be as imaginative as you like, perhaps it is flapping like the wings of a bird, or perhaps it is like tinkling bells and chimes. Remember in creative writing there are NO rules!! Perhaps they sing as they fly?!!!

Task 3: (10 mins) A rolling breeze. In mountainous areas you often get cold breezes rushing down the valleys as the warm air rises. Imagine that you are that breeze. Describe your journey, travelling down the mountain side, through the valley, into a town and out into the countryside. What is it like at each stage of the journey? How does it feel moving from urban to rural space?

Task 4: (5 mins) Give me Wings! I am very lucky that in my other role as a key worker I currently spend a lot of time working from my car. This means that I can park up in really beautiful places and watch birds and scenery while I complete my work. This week I was lucky enough to have a Red Kite circling over the top of my car for half an hour. It was so close I could see the stripes under the wings and the splayed wing tips.

Imagine that for one day I could gift you a pair of wings. In ten lines write about where you would fly and what it would feel like. Include taking off and landing! Try to keep your sentences short and simple. You might find a poem emerging!

I hope that you enjoyed these tasks. Next week we will be focusing again on a specific species. Please send any responses, comments or pictures to, or you can leave comments below.

With best wishes,


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