Hello! I’m Back!!!


Dear Readers,

I have decided to re-open these blog posts to help keep my creative writing participants connected to nature while we wait to get everyone back on the St Nick’s site!

With the rise of a second wave of COVID we have only been able to re-open our St Nick’s book club and creative writing sessions to a small number of on-site participants. To help everyone stay involved I will be posting up the session content each week so that people who aren’t able to attend can follow from home. This also means that anyone outside of York can also read these posts and enjoy / participate too! I hope they will help!

The new class is called Words from the Wild. We are combining our book club and creative writing sessions to run an interactive walking group at St Nicks each week during which there will be a reading and creative writing tasks to discuss / carry out at home.

I will be joined by William Davidson (St Nick’s Book Club Facilitator) to co-facilitate sessions. I hope everyone will enjoy, and we welcome creative writing and drawings for us to feature on this blog for future posts. You can reach me at my new St Nicks email address:


See you tomorrow for some creative writing fun!

Best wishes,


Published by Emma

Hi my name is Emma! I am a writer and artist. I work for the NHS at Converge (www.yorksj.ac.uk/converge) and I am also an MA graduate in Creative writing and am currently studying for a PhD in Humanities. I have been leading a creative writing class at the beautiful St Nicks in York (www.stnicks.org.uk) for the last five years. When I am not at work I'm on my allotment or at Base Camp (my home) planning new adventures.

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