Letters from the Allotment

Connect to Nature through Creative Writing

A partnership project between Converge and St Nicks in the beautiful city of York.

Hello my name is Emma! I am a writer, artist and occupational therapist. I work for Converge and for the last five years have been working in partnership with the beautiful St Nicks in York to deliver a creative writing class, as part of their full time eco-therapy programme which you can read more about here.

Each creative writing course lasts for 10 weeks. We usually work to a theme and have explored many different aspects of nature such as:

  • Winter Solace – exploring the beauty of nature through the dark winter months.
  • Wild Birds and Woodland Folklore – using the mythology surrounding nature.
  • Hidden Treasure – looking at the hidden workers of the natural world.
  • Nature Journaling – keeping sketch books and journals observing nature.

This blog is a platform to share the natural world with others and to take the class online. 

Please join me for a weekly online creative writing class. Every Wednesday I will be posting a set of instructions that I normally use in my class. We usually start with a walk in nature, followed by four short tasks that are no longer than five to ten minutes each. Those who want to, then share their work. (You can post yours into the comments box at the end of the weekly class post).

I encourage you to log in, have a go at the tasks and engage with the natural world around you (even if it’s just starting with looking at the clouds through your window, or finding new love for a house plant!). 

If you are really inspired and want to send me a letter, a poem, or a photograph of your own special green space for me to publish on here, you are welcome to email me at: e.mckenzie1@yorksj.ac.uk or you can write to me sending your own words and drawings to: 

Emma McKenzie
Letters from the Allotment
C/o Converge
York St John University
Lord Mayor’s Walk,
YO31 7EX

Featured letters from your own green spaces will be posted up every Friday!
The first class will be published on here on the 25.03.2020

Happy Writing!
Best wishes,

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