Today’s finds! Melted snow people!!

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed the class today (see previous blog post). I had a very muddy walk this afternoon, what a difference a day makes – no snow other than the remains of yesterday’s snowmen / people! Despite it being wet we enjoyed looking at print marks left in the mud and imagining whoContinue reading “Today’s finds! Melted snow people!!”

Today’s finds 20.01.2021 – Allotmenting and Wasp Nest Discoveries!

Hello, I hope you all enjoyed the session on snowdrops this morning 🙂 Rather than including finds of the day I’m going to start including weekly finds – as with home school commitments I’m not always getting out as planned on a Wednesday. I have adapted my outings to include time at my allotment overContinue reading “Today’s finds 20.01.2021 – Allotmenting and Wasp Nest Discoveries!”