How to get involved…

This is a blog about Connecting people to the natural world through creative writing and art. Here’s how to get involved:

  • Join in the weekly Connect to Nature Creative writing class. The class is posted up on the blog every Wednesday morning. Each class has a particular theme linked to the natural world and consists of short writing tasks for you to enjoy at home. As of October 2020 we will be linking the blog to the live class at St Nicks where we will also be using literature as a point of inspiration. You can join in some or all of the tasks, or you can use the posts like a magazine to give you something lovely to think about. If you want to you can add your creative writing into the comments for others to see, or email them to me at to be featured on future blog posts.

Questions and Answers:

Q. Who is this blog for?

A. Everyone! It was initially created for the St Nicks Creative Writing class in York, instead of the regular class which happens on site, as part of the response to COVID. However the blog was made public for anyone to enjoy with the aim of connecting people and places through a love of nature.

Q. Why is it called ‘Letters from the Allotment’?

A. I have been running the St Nicks creative writing class for the last five years. I also rent a beautiful allotment in York from which I get a lot of my inspiration and do a lot of my writing. I have had an idea for a while to get different green space groups to write to each other sharing their different projects and ideas. I am interested in the way that different cultural groups use green spaces, and the different landscapes here in the UK and across the world. Creating this blog seemed like the perfect place for this project to launch. I look forward to hearing from lots of different people in the future.

Q. Do I have to have an allotment or garden to get involved?

A. Absolutely not. Just an interest in the natural world will do. We can all appreciate wild places and nature. Even from a small scrap of land or a window box in the heart of a city.

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