Week 2: Words from the Wild Poetry inspired Creative Writing tasks…. 13.01.2021

Hello Readers! The poem William and I chose for the St Nick’s Words from the Wild class this week is Something Told the Wild Geese by Rachel Field. (If you click on the poem title it will take you to the poem). This poem was brought to our attention by Brenda who has been enjoyingContinue reading “Week 2: Words from the Wild Poetry inspired Creative Writing tasks…. 13.01.2021”

Today’s finds….

28.10.2020 Today I didn’t attend the class in person as it’s half term and I’m at home with my little people! Instead I visited Rowntrees Park in York to do their Goblin Trail – this fitted well with the theme of map making and trail finding set for today’s Words from the Wild class (seeContinue reading “Today’s finds….”

Today’s finds…. 21.10.2020

Hello Everyone! We made beautiful discoveries this morning at the class at St Nicks. Dew drops on leaves, candle snuff fungus, late flowers, autumn leaves … hope you all had a good morning too! You will notice one photo is of a small seed with roots – there were clusters of these on the woodlandContinue reading “Today’s finds…. 21.10.2020”